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CitizensidePro is brought to you by Citizenside, an AFP affiliate since 2007. We are leaders in citizen media and social newsgethering. All the images on CitizensidePro are 100% verified and validated by our professional journalists.

Our strength is in our network:

  • Nearly 70 000 contributors: amateurs and professionals (photographers, freelance journalists, and local eyewitnesses);
  • New eyewitnesses recruited every day by our expert social newsgathering team;
  • Contributors present in over 150 countries;
  • Powerful geolocation allows members to be reached within minutes to capture news events as they unfold.


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UGC Partner Images

  • Le Parisien YOU is the participative community of Parisien.fr and Aujourdhui.fr. As the most read daily in France, Parisien's readers share a diverse selection of news-related photos, videos, and text from across the country and abroad.

  • Lanched in February 2010, Metro Reporter is the community of news eyewitnesses from the free daily Metro France. Metro readers' photos are regularly purchased and published by Metro in print and online, and are now available to all publishers through Citizenside Pro.

  • RTL Temoins.rtl.fr is France's premier radio station's own community of active citizen reporters, who through their sharing and interaction online, perpetuate RTL's historically participative culture.

  • Témoins BFMTV has been growing since its launch in early 2010, and profits from an active audience eager to submit their photos and videos to BFMTV's editorial team for a chance to get aired on TV.

  • iwitness24 Archant, the English news publisher responsible for some 60 weekly titles, 4 daily regional newspapers, around 80 magazines, 180 websites, will soon be launching their own Reporter Kit powered community across the UK. Readers of Archant’s local titles will be able to gain experience points through participation, with bonuses going out to members who send in the most interesting content. Mobile applications on multiple platforms will also allow readers to upload photos and videos directly to their local newsrooms.

  • «La communauté photos/vidéos» de Voici.fr, France's best selling gossip magazine, allows readers everywhere to share their celebrity related shots and videos and gives them the chance to be paid when their contributions are published.

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